Sunday, November 21, 2010

Persephone: Post-Production

Now that "Mountain of the Hillbilly God" is more-or-less wrapped for shooting, I have returned to Post-Production on Fleem's third movie, "A Tale of Persephone". I've completed a fine edit that awaits integration of three animation sequences that are being completed by Daniel Beck. I'm working toward a picture lock by the end of Novembr 2010, so that I can export the sound to Ostin Drais, who is doing sound clean-up and foley for the entire film. While Ostin works the sound, I will get to work on color correction. Thanks to Kartz Ucci, who turned me on to "Creative Cow" video tutorials, I'm fairly confident that I can fix some of our wretched lighting issues. Not to discount the hard work of our excellent lighting crew, who worked their tails off to throw light on our subjects. However, due to the low (read: NO) budget nature of this picture, our lighting equipment was largely purchased at Home Depot: shop lights that settle in the yellow end of the color spectrum (tungsten halogen). I will also spend Dec and January compiling the music release contracts for the film. More on that soon. Then we will have a month of promotion.

My sites are set on a March 21 birthday for "A Tale of Persephone". That is the date of the mythological Persephone's return from the underworld, coinciding with our world's renewal with the season of Spring. Keep checking for updates on our progress, and check out my YouTube Channel for rough cut scenes from the movie.

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