Monday, June 7, 2010

Campfire location scouting

Today, Carter and I did some location scouting for our "campfire" scene, also known as "Night at Goody Moseley's." We'll actually shoot about four scenes here over the one night that we will reserve the location. We're thinking to plan the shot list for each scene and then choose a shooting order that puts all the master and long shots in the earlier part of the night and all the closeups later. so as we're losing daylight, we can take advantage of the firelight.

We're definitely going to need extras for this shoot - about twenty people to stand or sit around the fire. Most of the action takes place on the periphery of the fire, as our principle actors get involved in various shenanigans. Stay tuned for our casting call for extras.

Here's some video of the location, taken for planning purposes.

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